aw grace oxford Building Regulations - Handrail Specifications
  • Handrail both sides, which are continuous throughout the flights, ramps and landings, visually contrasting, easy to grip: slip resistant, non-reflective and not cold to touch.
  • Handrails to project 300mm beyond top and bottom landings with closed ends.
  • Handrails to be between 900mm and 1000mm above surface or steps pitch line / 900mm and 1100mm above surface of landings.
  • Handrail profile to be diameter between 40mm and 45mm (where circular) or Oval 15mm min radius (preferred solution) min 50mm width (refer dia 7 A.D.M).
  • Max 100mm projection into surface width of steps, landings or ramps.
  • Clearance of between 60mm and 75mm between handrail and any wall surface.
  • Min 50mm clearance between the cranked support and the underside of the handrail.
  • Inner face to be N.M.T 50mm beyond the surface width of the ramp or step access.
Details as at January 1st 2007 - Subject to change - For advice only, consult your local planning authority for full specifications